9Z WC2 9-Channel Radio Systems      The world's most advanced  radio systems.

Futaba's 9-channel radios represent the absolute finest in radio control -- and the 9Z WC2 systems offer even more flexibility, precision and  convenience. They can be customized to the "nth"  degree, with Futaba's legendary level of sophistication, flexibility and adjustability.
Futaba's 9Z WC2 with aircraft, sail planes AND helicopters program for Both , A and H, radio set,  include all the exact same
software to allow you to fly any and every type of   model you can like, including powered  aircraft, 5 helicopter swashplate types and 3  sail plane types! The H version offers the  heli-focused pilot ratchet-less throttle and a more  heli-friendly switch layout, as well as removal of the snap-roll-direction switches.
If you're ready to move   up to the top of the line, Futaba's 9Z Series WC2 radios are waiting for you.

@S$2360.00 come with Transmitter, R149DP receiver, servo S9252 x4, Tx Rx nicd battery and charger, carry box. (Heli)
@S$2360.00 come with Transmitter, R149DP receiver, servo S9250x1, S9151x1, S9150 x2, Tx Rx nicd battery and charger, carry box.(Airplane)
We only supply mode I that is throttle on the right., We only supply whole set, if email received to ask for ONLY tx or tx/rx will not be reply.

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